Stormy Days – World Watercolour MonthΒ 

Popping in with another painting as part on World Watercolour Month. It is quite typical for me to suddenly find time for something at the 11th hour 🀣 Anyway, today’s prompt is stormy days. Not my best painting but this was a sofa doodle painted in half light after a late dinner.  My intention was… Continue reading Stormy Days – World Watercolour MonthΒ 


Watercolour Play – World Watercolour Month

Well, July is officially World Watercolour month and I wanted to join in but the month has gone by so fast and I haven’t done one painting. I have had some quiet time today to sit at my desk and, fully intending on doing some beading, I found myself getting my watercolours out and filling… Continue reading Watercolour Play – World Watercolour Month

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Week 6 – The 52 Week Illustration Challenge

I hope your week has started well. The kids are off school on their half term holiday so we have been busy today with a play date and trip to Hobby Craft (UK craft store) to stock up on children’s crafting essentials. It was mainly for my 6 year old son as he had a… Continue reading Week 6 – The 52 Week Illustration Challenge